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Geosearch is Africa’s premier exploration drilling company.

Geosearch Group was founded in 1989 and was acquired in 2021 by Nucleus Capital (Pty) Ltd, a private holding company invested in the development of the business. The acquisition of Geosearch signals a new phase in the company’s expansion and its subsidiaries, with a renewed focus on expanding these businesses through strategic investment with growth as the primary imperative. The new arrangements also bring significant expertise and experience to the Geosearch Group.

Geosearch currently has over 35 rigs operating across Southern Africa. Exploration and mining companies have utilised our services over a diverse range of commodities, including platinum, gold, coal, copper, cobalt, nickel, diamond, zinc and uranium.

Our range of services includes the provision of surface and underground exploration services, plant hire, earthmoving services, and mining services, supplied to Mining, Natural Resources, Environmental, Construction and Industrial Markets.

Geosearch prides itself on its exceptional in-house expertise accumulated over the past 30 years. Our commitment to Safety, Health, Environment and Quality Training (in-house) and the upliftment of all local communities where we operate is paramount to our business philosophy. In addition, our rapid response to our clients’ needs and our supply chain’s ability to replenish and support our operations sets us apart from our competitors.

Geosearch Group Operational Head Office is situated in Gauteng, South Africa.

Geosearch is an ISO 9001:2015 / ISO 14001:2015 / ISO45001:2018 Certified Company.

Drilling Services


RC drilling is achieved by blowing air down the rods, the differential pressure creates air lift of the cuttings up the inner tube.



DD consists of solid core being extracted from a depth for examination on the surface. Agua Terra Lda has vast experience in the exploration of numerous minerals and offer NQ/NQ3, HQ/HQ3, PQ/PQ3 sizes



Using compressed air to drive a piston-driven hammer that delivers a series of impacts to the shank end of a drill rod or attached steel bit. Geosearch Group has great amount of experience in percussion drilling.



Our vision for the Geosearch Group is of a dynamic group of companies founded on solid values and remaining at the leading edge of their fields while providing:

  • An inspiring working environment for employees
  • Quality customised services for clients
  • A mutually beneficial relationship with Clients, Suppliers and Employees based upon and enabling the creation of enduring value
  • Responsible corporate citizenship in its commitment to building and supporting sustainable communities and to responsible environmental practices
  • High productivity and efficiency; and
  • Maximum long-term returns for shareholders within the constraints of corporate responsibility and good governance.


We aim to consolidate and enhance Geosearch Group’s position and standing as a leading exploration drilling group across Southern Africa by:

  • Focusing on building long-term relationships with Clients
  • Listening, observing and learning in order to tailor services to customer needs and remain responsive to change
  • Acting with urgency and commitment and with the necessary changes in course where required
  • Accepting accountability for its actions
  • Rewarding its people for innovation in its constant search for new solutions; and
  • Responsible stewardship of assets and an ongoing drive for building own value and that of its Clients and Business Partners.


To thrive and grow as a business over the next decade and beyond and to create value, we must look ahead and understand the trends and forces that will shape our business in the future and move swiftly to prepare for whatever is to come in a complex business environment.
CHANGE IS THE ONLY CONSTANT in the exploration and mining industry. As Management, we must get ready for tomorrow, today.


Main: +27 (0) 87 195 0210
Other: +27 (0) 86 002 3994

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