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Sheq Development

Safety, Health, Environment and Quality

Geosearch as a group recognises that risk constitutes the greatest threat to our core functions as an exploration drilling service provider to the minerals industry. We continually strive to identify, reduce and eliminate as many of the hazards and risks, which may result in personal injury, financial loss or environmental damage.

Our Group Safety and Training Manager has a team of Safety Representatives across our operations, who are responsible for the ongoing SHEQ field training at the field operations, and they report the safety statistics to him on a monthly basis. The third field-based Safety Representative is located in Tanzania and carries the same responsibilities as his South African counterparts. Each field operation has at least one Site Safety Representative, and each drill crew has at least one trained First-Aider.

Each operation also has a Health, Safety and Environment Plan in a file. The file contains a signed copy of the Health, Safety and Environmental Policy as well as a Base-Line Risk Assessment, a comprehensive set of Risk Assessments, Planned Task Observations, work place, drill rig and equipment inspection procedures and check-lists, PPE equipment checklists, procedures for reporting on and investigating incidents and accidents and an Environmental Management Plan.

The use of biodegradable drilling and cutting fluids facilitates the rehabilitation of all our drill sites and helps reduce the impact of our drilling activities on the surrounding environment. Hazardous waste is disposed of at a recognised Waste Disposal Centre and Certificates of Safe Disposal are retained and submitted to our clients as proof of our compliance. Sheq Program


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